Kurung Pahang 797

We used environmentally friendly, sustainable, plant-based tencel(™) fabric for every item in this collection.


New Camelia 11

A new design that fit for you busy day-to-day. Professional, modern and comfortable, this collection is designed to move with you.


Iman Ruffle

New Collection that embraces the beauty of simplicity. This collection features a range of monochromes in crinkled chiffon that are classic and stylish.

Kurung Pahang Cotton (258)

Dress Pleated Camelia (20)

Arabella Ironless (13)

Zarra Mini Moden (16)

Kurung Iman Ruffle (32)

Kebarung Widuri (6)

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You don’t have to worry about product damage, we at Azka HQ always meet high quality packaging to make sure your product safely arrived at your door.

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Have a problem with our product? No worries, we always support with multiple platform such as facebook and whatsapp for direct communication. You also can email through here.

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We accept online banking and debit/credit card as payment. We will add more payment method option in future.

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We always putting our security at the first place in our website. We make sure everyone feel secure and trusted when buy product through our website.